Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Liberals Vote To Kill Scott Peterson...

The Scott Peterson "penalty phase" verdict is in, and the jury voted to recommend that Peterson be executed. It really comes as no big surprise, yet the entire thing still bothers me.

Peterson was relentlessly demonized by both the news media and the trial's Prosecutor. He was demonized to the point where everyone hated his guts for simply breathing.

Ask yourself this question -- had Scott Peterson not been a womanizer and a proven liar, would their have been enough circumstantial evidence to convict him of First Degree Murder worthy of the death penalty? I think not.

There are plenty of people who have committed far worse crimes, confessing to many multiple murders, that did not receive the death penalty. Yet, Scott Peterson is convicted on circumstantial evidence simply because everyone was made to hate him.

This goes beyond Peterson. Whether Peterson is guilty or not, or even put to death or not, is not what bothers me about this. What really makes me uneasy about this case is what it demonstrates regarding how peoples' opinions can be manipulated; how easy it is to put ideas into peoples' minds and they will accept and embrace them as coming up with those ideas themselves.

Peterson is a great example of what modern Liberalism has encouraged -- a man who has no compunction about having multiple affairs, a man who lies at the drop of a hat when it suits his purposes.

There's an interesting phenomena regarding intense hatred -- if it's sustained long enough and intensely enough, it will turn into sympathy. When Peterson appeals, it wouldn't surprise me at all if people started expressing sympathy for him.

That's my take.


Saturday, December 11, 2004

Houston To Netherlands, "You've Got A Problem"

The Dutch Netherlands has long prided itself on being a "tolerant" socialist country. It's one of the few places in the world that has legalized drug use, prostitution, etc. They have also allowed in a bunch of Muslim emigrants.

Guess what? Now they are discovering they've got a serious problem. The Muslim emigrants have not assimilated to the Dutch "anything goes" culture. Recently, the filmmaker Theo van Gogh (relative of painter Vincent van Gogh) was murdered by a Muslim extremist. Now, they've just caught someone else who was planning to attack the "Red Light District" of Amsterdam because he didn't like the lack of morality. They have also uncovered terrorist plots on The Hague, as well as Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, the Dutch Parliament and the defense Ministry. All of these plots have revolved around a single mosque.

People don't realize just how dangerous radical Islam is, especially in today's morality-free, "values neutral" world. Radical Muslims look at socialist societies as weak and corrupt, and as legitimate targets. These people want to take over the world and spread their own brand of Hell, make no mistake about it. To make matters worse, they are willing to die themselves.

In the old days during the Cold War, we had a saying "Better dead than Red" meaning we were better off dead than allowing Communism to take us over. In a weird twist, these radical Muslims look at the world as well as themselves and think that the entire world is "Better dead than non-Muslim."

Radical Islam is like a deadly virus. This virus is willing to kill the entire world body, not even thinking about whether or not it continues living itself. In fact, it views it's own death as a pursiut worthy of "paradise."

That's my take.


Thursday, December 09, 2004

Agenda Journalism...

Edward Lee Pitts is an "embedded reporter" from the Chattanooga Times Free Press traveling with the Tennessee National Guard in Iraq. Instead of simply reporting the news, he's staging events to report on.

It seems that he set up a couple of the National Guardsmen to ask planted questions at the "town meeting" a few days ago Rumsfeld held with the troops.

For two days, Pitts allowed the nation to believe that this National Guardsman came up with the tough questions regarding a lack of armored vehicles. Pitts kept his mouth shut publicly, but like all prideful people, had to brag on his exploits to his co-workers back at the Chattanooga, Tennessee paper where he is employed in the form of an email explaining exactly how he planted the questions and made sure that at least one of the two National Guardsmen with the planted questions would be called on by the Seargent in charge of picking the questioners to question Defense Secretary Rumsfeld. The email was leaked to Matt Drudge.

This is a perfect example of what's wrong with the liberal news media. Instead of simply reporting the news, they help to stage events and then report on them as if they were spontaneous.

In times past, reporters got away with antics like this. However, in the age of so much instant communications, things like this will likely be quickly discovered.

Publically in the paper he works for, Pitts published an article entitled "Hillbilly Armor" about the Rumsfeld town meeting where he reported the tough questions for Rumsfeld as if it were a spontaneous event, never mentioning his role in planting the questions. The "Hillbilly Armor" title of the article is a bit offensive to me -- I guess it shows just how he thinks of his readers back in Chattanooga.

This is the type of stuff that's bringing down the conventional liberal media.

That's my take.


Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Underestimating The Power of Truth In Action...

The so-called “Legacy” liberal U.S. media gleefully celebrated the story today that the 1,000th U.S. soldier had been killed in action.

The liberal media is still charging full speed ahead in their effort to destroy President George W. Bush, as well as destroy support for the war in Iraq as well as the war against terror. Apparently they have failed to realize that their tactics to defeat Bush, destroy support for the war in Iraq, and destroy support for the war on terror have failed miserably. Whether they have realized their failure to this point or not, they aren’t letting reality stop them from trying.

The Vietnam War was lost because of the U.S. media. In those days, they had a monopoly on information and the ability to shape public opinion against that war.

A majority of citizens know that the liberal media are sympathetic to our enemies – both enemies within and enemies without. Generally speaking, the liberal media is preaching to its own choir. The people who make the country function day to day are ignoring them. Liberal media audiences continue to shrink.

Today, things are different. We have the Internet as well as Fox News Channel. Fox News Channel’s ratings continue to skyrocket as time goes on. Furthermore, Fox News Channel is starting to appear on cable television systems around the world. Now, Fox News has also gotten into the radio news business. That’s really got to be making liberals quake in their boots. Liberals no longer have control over the majority of U.S. opinions. In other words, they cannot destroy American support for the war in Iraq, no matter how hard they try.

The Internet and its impact on the world was completely underestimated.

The Fox News Channel has been, and even now continues to be underestimated.

Bush continues to be completely underestimated. Bush is making inroads in every traditional liberal sphere of influence.

Bush will prevail in Iraq, in spite of all the naysayers.

That’s my take.


Saturday, December 04, 2004

Eliminating Manhood...

I've often wondered why it is that liberals are so anti-tobacco. After all, liberals are generally "vice friendly" creatures. These are the same liberals that would like to legalize "recreational drugs." These are the same liberals who have encouraged sexual promiscuity. These are the same liberals that have pushed sex lessons in public schools in the name of "sexual education." These are the same liberals who have demanded that schools hand out condoms. Generally speaking liberals are liberal when it comes to vices. Tobacco is clearly a vice, yet liberals want to stamp it out. What gives?

Looking back in American history, tobacco use was primarily a male-dominated activity, considered an acceptable masculine behavior. Back about 100 years ago in the early 1900's, very few women used tobacco. Those women that did smoke back in those days were considered less-than-desirable. Women didn't begin smoking in large numbers until years later.

Liberals live in, and cannot let go of the past. In the liberal mind, smoking is still a masculine-dominated vice. That is what drives them to stamp it out.

If liberals considered tobacco use a female-dominated vice, they would be encouraging everyone to smoke, including children. The schools would be handing out free tobacco to school kids. They would demand smoking education in every school down to Kindergarten.

Think my comments are ridiculous? Think again. What's so wonderful about passing out condoms to kids and giving them mandatory sex lessons?

That's my take.


Thursday, December 02, 2004

When Liberals Vote For The Death Penalty...

The Scott Peterson trial is now in the final phase, where the jury decides whether Scott gets the death penalty or not.

Is Scott Peterson innocent or guilty of Laci's murder? Unless Scott or someone else confesses, it's one of those things we will likely never know one way or the other.

Scott is likely guilty, but if I were on the jury, I wouldn'tt be able to say that definitively beyond a reasonable doubt, public opinion be damned. If I were a juror I would be forced by my conscience to vote Not Guilty.

The thing that has nagged me all along the two years since Laci went missing is the fact that Scott Peterson has been crucified in the media as the absolute personification of the Evil American Male. The people who have encouraged the moral decay of society are among the most rabid demanding Peterson's head on a platter.

Sure, Scott Peterson stepped out on his wife. Scott Peterson is a consummate liar. Scott Peterson is also stupid. I don't know how in the world he was able to commit such a perfect crime. It just doesn't add up. Regardless of how bad his character is, proof beyond a reasonable doubt has not been submitted. People have been emotionalized to the point of mob-like behavior.

The way Scott Peterson has been demonized in the media is part of a continuing assault on masculinity. They have taken Scott's personality flaws and are trying to stigmatize all men in a sort of guilt-by-association so as to say all men are liars, all men are cheats, and ultimately that all men are potential murderers.

Beyond the Scott Peterson trial itself, the fact that so many people can be emotionalized is bothersome to me. People both on the Left and the Right have been made to demand the same result. The American population's vulnerability towards emotionalization via mass media is a dangerous thing. A powerful dictator could easily come along and emotionailze us into voting away all our Freedoms.

That's my take.


The Bush Haters are Bushwhacked...

President George W. Bush remains steady in his stand today that the Iraqi elections will take place in late January as scheduled.

The Bush detractors are completely at a loss as to why this President is so popular with so many Americans. I submit it is because he takes the right stands on so many issues and doesn't back down.

When the date was approaching to turn sovereignty back over to Iraq, the detractors as well as our Arab opponents were screaming that it was too soon, that it would never work, that it should be postponed.

What happened? Bush stood his ground, and sovereignty was even turned back over a few days ahead of schedule. The detractors along with our Arab opponents were wrong.

When the date for elections was approaching in Afghanistan, the detractors and our Arab opponents were screaming that it was too soon, that it would never work, that the election should be postponed.

What happened? Bush stood his ground, and the Afghanistan elections were a success. The detractors along with our Arab opponents were wrong.

The same thing is happening again. The Iraqi elections are approaching. Bush is standing his ground. The Iraqi elections WILL be a success. The detractors and our Arab opponents will be wrong again.

Another headline that caught my eye was Iran continuing to develop secret nuclear warheads.

The entire Middle East region is dangerous to world health. It’s a tumor growing on humanity’s collective body. Ultimately, the tumor must be given chemotherapy or wholesale excision.

I believe that chemotherapy works in real cancer cases because it is a major shock – in essence it is a shock therapy. At the end of World War II, America administered radical shock therapy to Japan in the form of two atomic bombs. Japan ultimately responded well to the shock therapy – they’ve been our friends ever since.

The Middle East has tremendous potential. Why do I say that? The greater the propensity of an individual or group to commit evil, the greater the potential for the same individual or group to commit good. The Middle East simply needs some radical shock therapy to bring them back to their senses.

That’s my take.