Saturday, December 04, 2004

Eliminating Manhood...

I've often wondered why it is that liberals are so anti-tobacco. After all, liberals are generally "vice friendly" creatures. These are the same liberals that would like to legalize "recreational drugs." These are the same liberals who have encouraged sexual promiscuity. These are the same liberals that have pushed sex lessons in public schools in the name of "sexual education." These are the same liberals who have demanded that schools hand out condoms. Generally speaking liberals are liberal when it comes to vices. Tobacco is clearly a vice, yet liberals want to stamp it out. What gives?

Looking back in American history, tobacco use was primarily a male-dominated activity, considered an acceptable masculine behavior. Back about 100 years ago in the early 1900's, very few women used tobacco. Those women that did smoke back in those days were considered less-than-desirable. Women didn't begin smoking in large numbers until years later.

Liberals live in, and cannot let go of the past. In the liberal mind, smoking is still a masculine-dominated vice. That is what drives them to stamp it out.

If liberals considered tobacco use a female-dominated vice, they would be encouraging everyone to smoke, including children. The schools would be handing out free tobacco to school kids. They would demand smoking education in every school down to Kindergarten.

Think my comments are ridiculous? Think again. What's so wonderful about passing out condoms to kids and giving them mandatory sex lessons?

That's my take.



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