Saturday, December 11, 2004

Houston To Netherlands, "You've Got A Problem"

The Dutch Netherlands has long prided itself on being a "tolerant" socialist country. It's one of the few places in the world that has legalized drug use, prostitution, etc. They have also allowed in a bunch of Muslim emigrants.

Guess what? Now they are discovering they've got a serious problem. The Muslim emigrants have not assimilated to the Dutch "anything goes" culture. Recently, the filmmaker Theo van Gogh (relative of painter Vincent van Gogh) was murdered by a Muslim extremist. Now, they've just caught someone else who was planning to attack the "Red Light District" of Amsterdam because he didn't like the lack of morality. They have also uncovered terrorist plots on The Hague, as well as Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, the Dutch Parliament and the defense Ministry. All of these plots have revolved around a single mosque.

People don't realize just how dangerous radical Islam is, especially in today's morality-free, "values neutral" world. Radical Muslims look at socialist societies as weak and corrupt, and as legitimate targets. These people want to take over the world and spread their own brand of Hell, make no mistake about it. To make matters worse, they are willing to die themselves.

In the old days during the Cold War, we had a saying "Better dead than Red" meaning we were better off dead than allowing Communism to take us over. In a weird twist, these radical Muslims look at the world as well as themselves and think that the entire world is "Better dead than non-Muslim."

Radical Islam is like a deadly virus. This virus is willing to kill the entire world body, not even thinking about whether or not it continues living itself. In fact, it views it's own death as a pursiut worthy of "paradise."

That's my take.



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