Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Underestimating The Power of Truth In Action...

The so-called “Legacy” liberal U.S. media gleefully celebrated the story today that the 1,000th U.S. soldier had been killed in action.

The liberal media is still charging full speed ahead in their effort to destroy President George W. Bush, as well as destroy support for the war in Iraq as well as the war against terror. Apparently they have failed to realize that their tactics to defeat Bush, destroy support for the war in Iraq, and destroy support for the war on terror have failed miserably. Whether they have realized their failure to this point or not, they aren’t letting reality stop them from trying.

The Vietnam War was lost because of the U.S. media. In those days, they had a monopoly on information and the ability to shape public opinion against that war.

A majority of citizens know that the liberal media are sympathetic to our enemies – both enemies within and enemies without. Generally speaking, the liberal media is preaching to its own choir. The people who make the country function day to day are ignoring them. Liberal media audiences continue to shrink.

Today, things are different. We have the Internet as well as Fox News Channel. Fox News Channel’s ratings continue to skyrocket as time goes on. Furthermore, Fox News Channel is starting to appear on cable television systems around the world. Now, Fox News has also gotten into the radio news business. That’s really got to be making liberals quake in their boots. Liberals no longer have control over the majority of U.S. opinions. In other words, they cannot destroy American support for the war in Iraq, no matter how hard they try.

The Internet and its impact on the world was completely underestimated.

The Fox News Channel has been, and even now continues to be underestimated.

Bush continues to be completely underestimated. Bush is making inroads in every traditional liberal sphere of influence.

Bush will prevail in Iraq, in spite of all the naysayers.

That’s my take.



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