Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Liberals Vote To Kill Scott Peterson...

The Scott Peterson "penalty phase" verdict is in, and the jury voted to recommend that Peterson be executed. It really comes as no big surprise, yet the entire thing still bothers me.

Peterson was relentlessly demonized by both the news media and the trial's Prosecutor. He was demonized to the point where everyone hated his guts for simply breathing.

Ask yourself this question -- had Scott Peterson not been a womanizer and a proven liar, would their have been enough circumstantial evidence to convict him of First Degree Murder worthy of the death penalty? I think not.

There are plenty of people who have committed far worse crimes, confessing to many multiple murders, that did not receive the death penalty. Yet, Scott Peterson is convicted on circumstantial evidence simply because everyone was made to hate him.

This goes beyond Peterson. Whether Peterson is guilty or not, or even put to death or not, is not what bothers me about this. What really makes me uneasy about this case is what it demonstrates regarding how peoples' opinions can be manipulated; how easy it is to put ideas into peoples' minds and they will accept and embrace them as coming up with those ideas themselves.

Peterson is a great example of what modern Liberalism has encouraged -- a man who has no compunction about having multiple affairs, a man who lies at the drop of a hat when it suits his purposes.

There's an interesting phenomena regarding intense hatred -- if it's sustained long enough and intensely enough, it will turn into sympathy. When Peterson appeals, it wouldn't surprise me at all if people started expressing sympathy for him.

That's my take.



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